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Future scope of Tech Support

If you’re looking to start your own business and can be a bit handy with computers, then starting your own Tech support business could be a great idea for you. Almost every business needs Tech support services at one time or another, so the future scope of  Tech support is bright if you play your cards right.

Starting a Tech Support company is one cool way of making good cash if you are trained and experienced in the Information Technology industry. This type of business requires minimal capital to set up and it is highly profitable especially if you know how to position and market your services.

A tech support company is a company that provides tech support to both smaller and larger organizations; such services includes installation and maintenance of tech gadgets (routers, computers, servers, intercoms, security et al), troubleshooting of tech gadgets, networking of systems, programming systems, training, system auditing and in some cases developing of software.

Future Scope of Tech Support

Remember the days of spending hours on hold, only to spend another hour explaining and re-explaining the problem and being led through obvious troubleshooting steps.


Or even worse, waiting forever for a service technician, and even returning products simply because setup and configuration are too complex? Those days are long gone now.

The evolution of consumer behavior and preferences has led to a situation where many Top Tech Support Company has the opportunity to shine, particularly in the case of emerging technologies.

In a recent survey performed by, U.S. consumers weighed in about their experiences and expectations for tech support. Customers expect a high level of support and want it delivered in the way in which they most identify.

The Future of Tech Support survey report uncovered the following keys
  • 57%think tech support is better now than it was five years ago
  • 70%expect the quality and convenience of tech support to improve over the next five years
  • 31%of millennials think chatbots provide better, more efficient tech support; only 13% of older consumers agree
  • 33%are willing to pay a premium for tech support rather than troubleshooting issues on their own
  • 42%are comfortable sharing user data from devices and products if it enables companies to provide better tech support; 49% of millennials agree
  • 82%know when they are interacting with a chat bot instead of a human; millennials are 75% more comfortable than baby boomers are with interacting with chatbots

With most consumers reporting and expecting the quality of tech support, it shows that the entire segment is improving. With improvements already generating positive buzz for tech support business, it is no surprise that most consumers expect it to get even better over the next five years.

 Tech support  is the New means of Conversation

Technical support is one of the big topics of conversation. The technical support team has been placed on the back burner as companies pay more attention to product development and sales versus the customer experience.

Today, more and more brands understand that Tech support often interacts with more customers than any other department. This makes it a crucial part of any product launch plan, as customer retention and brand loyalty become the primary focus when introducing new and existing products to the marketplace.

$300 Billion Annual Spending on Tech support Services
  • Organizations spend more than $300 billion annually on Tech support services. 78% of this went to in-house operations and 22% to outsourcing.
  • Although the smaller percentage of this amount went to outsourcing, the expenditures of outsourcing have grown between 8% and 12% annually compared to in-house spending which has been relatively flat.
  • Due to budget cuts, customer service improvements and increase in contact volumes, more and more companies resort to outsourcing their customer support.

Hence, you can get good profit as an outsourcing Tech support company.

Types of advanced support experiences consumers are expecting in the future include:
  • Concierge support: products that include dedicated customer support representatives available to assist through any communication channel
  • Automated or virtual assistants: chatbots or voice-activated virtual assistants that provide answers to tech support questions
  • Proactive support: products that notify consumers in advance about potential issues
  • Self-healing products: products that fix issues automatically without any user interaction

The Tech support industry is undergoing an evolution and will continue to be driven by changes in demand. A survey was done and is found that the Tech support industry is transforming as new providers are emerging while existing providers are expanding into new markets.

As per research on customer feedback, the overall satisfaction scores continue a five-year upward trend. Outsourced call centers are still proven to be efficient, in terms of providing quality customer service at reduced cost.

That said, the future of contact center outsourcing looks very bright indeed.



Top Tech Support Companies

Everyone who is facing technical issues with his computers and Wi-Fi connections or printers and tablets, start searching the technical support company who gave him the best technical support services.

To save your precious time, we will guide you through Top Tech Support Companies lists and identifies some of the service highlights to make your choice easier. As technology becomes more ingrained in daily lifestyle, the need for support has increased substantially.

Rather than taking the broken-down equipment to a local repair shop, online tech-support services can remotely access a computer and other equipment through an Internet connection and offer help by email, online chats or over the telephone.

Top Tech support companiesTech support services play an important role to help business owners and individuals use technology to keep their operations run smoothly. Tech support companies support devices crucial to a business’ daily operations, including Wi-Fi connections, servers, PCs, tablets, printers and more.

With respect to features, pricing, and quality of service, here is the list of Top Technical Support Companies.

Top Tech Support Companies

Geek Squad

 Geek Squad Technical Support team can help installs new computers, devices, and software, as well as handle all repair issues, including virus and malware removal. The service also conducts regular computer tune-ups to ensure a business’s system is always running at optimal speeds.

A subsidiary of electronic giant Best Buy, Geek Squad earned this year’s Gold Award for its flexible support options, comprehensive services, and large, a nationwide team of technicians. In addition, unlike many of the other services, Geek Squad can provide hardware repair, not just software or system repair and setup.

Geek Squad also provides clients with self-help tools, such as free downloads, system-security checks, technology tips and detailed how-to guides.


In addition to helping with diagnostics, iYogi can assist small business owners with their network setup, software and operating system installation, data backup, browser security and virus removal.

iYogi scores high marks for its flexible service options, including unlimited subscriptions and one-time fixes. The online tech service provides support for a vast array of computing devices and software.

Some of the top service features iYogi offers include a money-back guarantee and a secure, encrypted connection that gives a technician the ability to remotely log in to a business’s computer. took home this year’s Bronze Award for its breadth of services and its flexible subscription plans. The company offers both unlimited subscriptions and flat-rate, one-time fixes. is also one of the few tech-support service providers that offer an integrated data-backup solution that automatically backs up all digital files to the cloud. provides tech support for myriad devices, including both Windows and Mac computers, as well as all major computer peripherals, such as routers, printers, tablets, cameras and MP3 players.

Global Logic

Global Logic is one of the Best Tech Support Companies in the USA with years of experience working with top global brands to provide Tech Support Services with dedicated team of experts to advice, give solutions, innovative ideas, 24/7 tech support, work completion within the time-frame, offering a wide range of IT Solutions all over the world with positive outcome.

One of the best platforms for Startups companies to work with Global Logic for Tech Support services, offering custom solutions to suit your business needs.


Previously operating as iTok, Bask offers four tiered service plans, depending on your desired level of protection. The Silver ($9.99/month), Gold ($19.99/month) and Diamond ($24.99/month) options each require a $49.99 setup fee; The top-level Platinum service is priced at $34.99 monthly plus $99.99 setup.

Bask users report solid satisfaction in techs’ knowledge and efficiency of service. Note, however, that the Silver, Gold and Diamond base membership prices cover only basic needs, such as PC optimization, malware clean-up and adding new devices. Major issues are still charged on a per-fix basis, with the exception of the Platinum service level, making Bask one of the pricier options out there.

Tech to Us

Customer satisfaction is one of the primary selling points of Tech to Us, a company offering up most of the standard menu items for a remote support entity. The Tech to Us business plans list one-hour response time and 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. availability Monday through Friday.

A variety of la carte options are also offered, including support for servers, firewalls, data recovery and more. Tech to Us provides fully US-based tech support for your home or business.

They charge a flat monthly rate so you won’t have to worry about hidden fees. All home support plans are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Its website is clean and appealing, and pricing is designed for simplicity: individual plans bill at $29.99/month (plus $100 setup) or $299.99/year. Business plans range from $49.99-$499.99/month for up to 20 devices.

My Nerds

 “Nerds” is an acronym for Network Enhanced Remote Desktop Support and they only use certified A+ remote support technicians, all located in the U.S. My Nerds offers premium 24/7 tech support, online or via a toll-free number.

Single issues are repaired at $80 each, multiple issues at $120, and the repair of complex problems is priced at $160. My Nerds offers immediate refunds for any issues it is unable to resolve, such as in the case of hardware malfunctions.

Everything is executed via a web interface, including payment, which starts at $40 for what’s termed a simple fix.Taking a relatively unique approach to remote support, My Nerds offers its subscription service ($240.00/year) as something of an afterthought.

OmniTech Support

With an annual subscription starting at $299.99, depending on issue and system configuration, you’re likely to find similar options with much smaller price tags.

OmniTech’s website offers services targeted toward home users as well as SMBs, although making a distinction between the two is difficult.

Service plans list features including support for various digital devices in addition to the standard fare: virus removal, PC clean-up, Wi-Fi troubleshooting, etc.

My Computer Works

My Computer Works is a U.S. based company that provides awesome computer support for home and business. My Computer Works was started in 2005 with a simple idea to provide low-cost computer support for consumers and small businesses.

My Computer Works, Inc. is a leading provider of help desk and personal technology support services for thousands of small businesses and home consumers nationwide. With a number of affordable service plans, including one-time support and unlimited support memberships,

Computers are a fact of life today and our dependence on them continues to grow. It’s this dependence that makes finding a knowledgeable, reliable, and available technology resource so critical.

24/7 Techies

24/7 Techies have served thousands of consumers in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, for whom we manage thousands of desktops, smart devices, and peripherals

They are available to you by phone or web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thereafter they charge an amazingly affordable fee. Finally, they guarantee your satisfaction or your money back – no questions asked.

24/7 Techies offer round-the-clock support and free diagnoses of tech issues. They are a Microsoft Certified Gold partner, and their support agents are required to obtain Microsoft Certified System Administrator certification.

Ultimately, many of today’s remote tech support companies offer similar packages and pricing. Whereas one-time fixes can give substantial savings, current service plans typically ensure the greatest value for users with regular queries and minor issues. Always review the fine print and raise a lot of queries before creating a long-term commitment, because support option you invest in play a considerable part in the reliability of your technology.


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